• September 2013

    Dispatch was designed as an app that provided a neighborhood guide to users looking to find activities that matched their interests. We began with the premise that neighborhoods are the center of retail, fashion, art, food, etc. The Dispatch tool provides real time information about activities that are within walking distance from the app users.

  • October 2013

    The Dispatch team began a series of focus group interactions to support the premise that consumers wanted an app that organized neighborhood retail. This spanned all demographics and also included Northwestern Mutual corporate employees working downtown.

  • December 2013

    Dispatch began our first user interface design with a process known as wireframing. There was careful thought and consideration given to what consumers wanted from the app itself and how we could help neighborhood retailers grow their customer base.

  • February 2014

    After finishing the wireframing of Dispatch, it was time to pass the baton to the development team. They began by determining what the technical architecture of Dispatch would be.

  • March 2014

    Development began as a native application meant to live in the App and Play Stores.

  • October 2014

    Dispatch 1.0 was released to the public.

  • December 2014

    During the holiday season we began evaluating the app to make it more interactive. We spent this time gathering feedback from our customers and creating videos that showcased the Milwaukee neighborhoods. This was done to help visitors to the city understand the personality of a neighborhood.

  • March 2015

    Based on customer feedback we began planning for the release of Dispatch 2.0. Our mission was to fold in new features and improve the user experience.

  • July 2015

    July was the month to take on coding. Coding was one of the last steps before rolling out Dispatch 2.0.

  • November 2015

    Dispatch 2.0 became available to the public in the App and Play stores.

Customer Quotes

We really like the Westown Dispatch because it allows our neighborhood to work as one collective team to drive more traffic in so everyone benefits. The fact that it is mobile is just icing on the cake.

We are excited to have partnered with Dispatch Mobile for Material Studios + Gallery in the Marshall Building. There are very few affordable tools for artists and this one helps us find new customers locally.

Dispatch is a great resource to attract new customers while rewarding our regulars. By using the Dispatch tool and the prebuilt templates, we were able to drive nearly 40 check-ins for a recent event. We enjoy our partnership with Dispatch and couldn’t think of a better company to work with.

We really enjoy the Third Ward Dispatch because it provides us with the necessary tools to drive business to our front door. It also helps us provide the best experience to our customers in a very easy manner.

Feature Summary

Dispatch’s flash alerts will show users what business should be their next stop. This feature will also help turn around slower days by driving more traffic into the doors of Dispatch customers. Our specialized marketing tools offer the ability to target new customers, active customers and lost customers. Our customizable surveys help businesses find out anything they want to know about their patrons’ experiences at their business.

One-time data entry into the Dispatch portal integrates with a company’s social media to amplify messages without duplicate efforts. Lastly, through Dispatch partnerships with the Corporations surrounding an establishment, we help target the people that would love a particular business but just don’t know it yet.